The focus of this Technology Tips PLC is using Galileo, which is Geogia’s Virtual Library.  Galileo provides access to a variety of information resources that teachers and students can use.   GALILEO offers over 100 databases and over 2,000 journal titles free to Georgia citizens and students. 

Visit GALILEO at http://www.galileo.usg.edu

Specific Databases within GALILEO:

SIRS Discoverer: Search for magazine and newspaper articles on a variety of topics.  Includes activities, Pathfinders, and Workbooks.

Compton’s by Britannica: Find information in encyclopedia articles.  Includes interactive learning materials, timeline, and world atlas.


I am really enjoying this book.  Even though it was published in 1967, the story and themes are timeless.  I hope that the Book Club members are enjoying this book!  Read the following discussion questions and post your own comments.

1. In Ch. 6, Jerry says “Mrs. O”Briant and I think you were sent straight from heaven.  Or are you just professional heroes or something?  Do you think Ponyboy feels like a hero?  Do you think they are heroes?  Why or why not?

2. At the end of Ch. 6, what important realization does Ponyboy have about Darry?

3. At the end of Ch. 7, Ponyboy has a talk with Randy.  Ponyboy realizes, “Socs were just guys after all.  Things were rough all over, but it was better that way.  That way you could tell the other guy was human too.”  What is important about the conversation? 

4. In Ch. 7, Randy tells Ponyboy that Bob wanted somebody to tell him ‘No.’ He said that Bob wanted “to have somebody lay down the law, set the limits, give him something solid to stand on.”  What do think about this statement?  Do you think that most teenagers feel this way?

March 3, 2010 PLC – Getting Started with Discovery Education Streaming

The focus of this Technology Tips PLC is to get an overview of the Discovery Education website and to focus specifically on the streaming component. Discovery Education is a great site that offers digital resources and lesson plans for all content areas.  It also offers Professional Development information and Networking opportunities.


Resources for PLC:

Getting Started with Discovery Education Streaming

Tech Tips Discovery Streaming PowerPoint

50 ways to integrate DE streaming

DES User Guide

Please post any comments or questions you have about this PLC.

I am excited about reading the  2nd book club book, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.  At the first meeting, I assigned ch. 1-4 (pp. 1-66).  I hope you have had a chance to read this section of the book and are ready to discuss it.  Because of scheduling, it is hard to meet as often as I would like.  However, we can still have discussions on this blog.

Think about what you have read so far and respond to the following discussion questions by making a post to this blog.  We will meet soon to discuss these questions.

Ch. 1-4: 

1. Do you like this novel?  Why or why not?

2. The setting of the novel is in the 1960s, where there is conflict between the Greasers and the Socs.  Do you think that these same issues exist today in our society?  How are the issues similar and how are they different?

3. Darry is raising Ponyboy and Sodapop because their parents are dead.  Do you think this is right?  Would the boys be better off in foster care?  Why or why not? 

4. How did you feel when you read chapter 4?  Were you surprised by what happened?  Explain.

Technology Tips PLC

I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the teachers this Wednesday for the first “Technology Tips PLC”.  We covered the definition of Web 2.0 and learned about blogging.  Everyone got the opportunity to create a blog and play around with ‘gadgets’.  We discussed the possibilities of using blogging as an instructional tool.   I hope everyone walked away with some new ideas.

I would love to hear from teachers with possible PLC topics.  Send me a comment.

The LCMS Book Club will meet during the 3rd Nine Weeks to discuss our 2nd book of the year.  The next book title is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Student who are interested should sign up in the media center.  Listen for an announcement on the LCMS News for the date of the first meeting.  I look forward to reading and discussing this classic novel with you!

Visit the book trailer to get a sneak preview of The Outsiders!